children's classes

Our classes for children cover:


Calmness Breathing© Technique

Spotting our tension triggers and finding our chuckle muscle©

Become  a Calmness Super Hero

Stillness and Mindful Moments.

Beautiful meditation journeys based on the Warwickshire Countryside.

teenage classes

Our teenage classes cover:


Calmness Breathing ©Technique

Mindful Moments

Meditation Journeys


How to listen to your body and tension triggers.


Relaxed Revision ideas and resilience strategies.


adult classes

Calmness Breathing© Technique

Spotting your triggers


Renewing your resilience


Anytime Anywhere relaxation strategies.

News Alert!

Adult classes coming soon. 



7-11 years – 4.30-5.20pm
12-16 years – 5.30-6.20pm


9th October
16th October
30th October 
6th November

£18 for full course or £5 per class

Saint Peters Mission
Manor Road
Stratford Upon Avon CV37 7EA